About Dali

Snack Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverage Businesses

In 2007, Dali Group already had the leading position in the snack food market. Leveraging on its corporate strength, comprehensive marketing network and strong research and development capability, the Group entered beverage industry and formed a corporate structure comprised of both snack food and beverage businesses. The two divisions create synergies and grow together, laying a more solid foundation for the development of the Group.


Snack Food Business

Dali Group recognized the opportunities in snack food at a very early stage and has already become a highly successful enterprise in the snack food market. Until now, Dali Group's snack food business covers three categories, bread, cakes and pastries; biscuits; and chips, fries and others, all of them having a leading position in their respective segment. Among them, bread, cakes and pastries category contains various product series, including soft French bread, small bread, pies, Swiss rolls, sachima, cakes and croissants. The biscuit category contains 14 product types, including crispy biscuits series, high-fiber biscuits series, sandwich biscuits series, soda biscuits series, multigrain biscuits series and nut biscuits series. The chips, fries and others category offers various product types, including potato chips, french fries, potato rings and potato bubbles.


Beverage Business 

Dali Group has a solid foundation in the beverage industry, which allows it to develop in a high speed.Until now, the Group has a rich portfolio of product series comprising plant nutrition drinks, herbal tea, energy drinks, milk beverages, plant-based dairy beverages, tea, juices, bottled water and mixed porridges, and holds an important position in the beverage industry.