Enjoy the taste, enjoy the luxury

Landy Castle Danish butter cookies is a high-end butter cookie brand launched by the Group, representing the quality, delicacy and dignity of life.

In 2014, in order to allow Chinese consumers to enjoy the authentic Danish cookies, Dali Group's food R&D team visited a lot of Danish cookie production experts, explored the secret sauce in making authentic Danish cookies, meanwhile also making huge investments in importing the advanced Danish cookie production lines in order to produce high quality cookies comparable to those of the foreign ones. Landy Castle Danish butter cookies have already set a new standard for domestic cookies, and have made it possible for Chinese consumers to taste the most premium Danish cookies.


Cookie is the favorite dessert for the Danish. In every harvest season, people made cookies as a reward for their hard work in the past year. The name of Landy Castle Danish butter cookies originates from an ancient and beautiful myth in Denmark. Princess Landy was the youngest daughter of the king and was the most beloved one. She loved making dessert since childhood. She used the best butter and wheat, mixed them perfectly and baked great golden cookies. After Princess Landy left for another country after marriage, the king ordered his people to make delicious cookies with the formula developed by the Princess to entertain royal families and aristocrats. The cookies also served as a noble gift to other European countries. Landy Castle cookies since then have become the synonym for premium Danish cookies and have gained great popularity.

Just like the royal families and aristocrats, who were very demanding on product quality, Dali Group abide by the principle "Ensure Quality with Our Hear", enabling Landy Castle Danish butter cookies to have excellent quality in ingredients, shape, taste and appearance. With a golden color and a tantalizing flavor, Landy Castle Danish butter cookies bring consumers a perfect experience of high quality life. Landy Castle Danish butter cookies, enjoy the taste, enjoy the luxury.